Saturday, November 3, 2007

Little Coco: First Time

Little Coco was 18. She broke up with her bf which she dated for 9 month. After some time passed, She decided to meet him at his birthday party. Her friend Jessica and she took a taxi. When they got to a place, there were a lot of guys. Jessica went to get drinks. Meantime Little Coco met her ex-boy friend Mike. There still was something between them. They went to Mike's room. The room was partly dark. He started to kiss her while sitting on the sofa together. His right hand went to her underwear. Her nipples got hard. They could clearly be seen through her shirt. He took his shirt off. Started to undress her. She was so excited that she even didn't notice how he took her pants off. She was scared a lot because she didn't have any sexual experience before. She could feel the slightest wind with her skin. Everything seemd unreal. He was giving her legs a massage. She was getting horny. Little Coco didn't realise what was stronger - fear or desire. Mike took her underpants off gently. She closed her eyes. She was trying not to think about what was going on. She could just feel his hands spreading her legs. Then she felt something getting incide her pussy. It was Mike's hard-on. This moment made her forget everything and get really high of feelings. It was her first time.